De moderne veredelaars GB

The modern breeders of Fuchsia triphylla cultivars

After 1959 it took another 24 years before breeding with Fuchsia triphylla took place again.

In 1983 Drude Reiman-Dietiker came up with 'Challenge', a seedling of

Fuchsia triphylla with a white tube, light pink calyx and a pink crown.

Unfortunately, this Triphylla cultivar was difficult to grow. That is why this difficult Triphylla cultivar is no longer available at nurseries.

That same year, John Wright came up with 'Lechlade Fire-Eater'.

A red-orange cultivar obtained from the cross

Fuchsia triphylla x Fuchsia denticulata.



Two years later, in 1985, Herman de Graaff introduced three cultivars, two of which have a special pedigree.

These are the first two fuchsia cultivars that have been bred with Fuchsia excorticata and Fuchsia paniculata, namely 'Maori Pipes' and 'Small Pipes'.

These special cultivars are still available at the Fuchsia nurseries.

‘Maori Pipes’

That same year the triphylla cultivars of Hr. L. Bielby, "Mandy Oxtoby" and "Mike Oxtoby".

After this breeding period, it took a number of years before the interest in breeding theFuchsia triphylla got going again.

It wasn't until 2000 that Bert Gregoire came up with his 'Cornelia Lijnes' and Martin Beije with his 'Ton Goedman'.

A little later, 'WALZ Panflute' came on the market, a refinement by Henk Waldenmaier.


                                                                                       ‘Cornelia Lijnes’

From 2010, the breeding of Fuchsia triphylla took off. This was mainly because a number of breeders started looking for a pure white triphylla.

A “white” that not only has a white tube and calyx, but also a pure white crown.

In 2010 Tielko Koerts introduced

'Monique Baccon', a climbing triphylla cultivar.

Jan de Boer also started breeding with

Fuchsia triphylla during this period, which resulted in a number of particularly beautiful pendants.

'Gré' een veredeling van Jan de Boer

                                                                          ‘Monique Baccon’

In recent years, mainly Mario de Cooker and Hans van Aspert have been involved in triphylla breeding.

They are looking for the pure white triphylla cultivar, the bicolor triphylla cultivar and the dark purple-red "eggplant" colored triphylla cultivar.

You can guess that this is a painstaking work and during this search special flower shapes and color combinations have emerged.

                         'Candy Ball'                                                                                               'Jaspers Falling Star'          een veredeling van Mario de Cooker                                                   een veredeling van Hans van Aspert