Nawoord GB


After years of collecting and "examining" documents and of course contributions and/or help from old fuchsia friends, a fairly complete overview has emerged about the Fuchsia triphylla.

Why reasonably complete, because new information will always emerge and questions that still remain will probably be answered in the future.

Martien has collected as much as possible throughout his entire fuchsia life, but was unable to do anything with it due to lack of time. When he gave up his fuchsia hobby and handed over his complete archive including his huge book collection about the fuchsia to me, I came across his triphylla collection and started digging and sifting through it.

At one point Martien rekindled the triphylla flame and helped me where he could with supplementing, rewriting and updating all data.

Unfortunately, he was no longer able to see his work published on this website.

Sigrid van Schaik.