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In this progressive society, in which more and more research is becoming possible into all kinds of things, it is not surprising that this also happens in the hobby field.

Fuchsia species and fuchsia cultivars are no exception and so it can happen that new information becomes available all the time which provides new insights into having and keeping Fuchsias.

On this website we discuss the developments surrounding the cultivars that have Fuchsia triphylla in their pedigree as one of the parents or ancestors. We have tried to be as detailed as possible in order to give a clear insight into what has changed in this area.

Years and years of research and data collection precede this website. The digital era has made it possible to substantiate the sometimes quite changed insights and data with relevant information that is now becoming available.

For this, use was made of the data that had already been gradually adjusted in the database of "Fuchsias of the World".

Grateful use has also been made of the data from the archive left to us by the late Mr. Peter Rijkoort. I have corresponded with him on this subject for many years and exchanged information. Together we have tried several times through publications in Fuchsiana to unite enthusiasts of this type of fuchsia cultivars in order to share our findings and to increase knowledge about the type of plants. All his accumulated knowledge in this area should not be lost and his many efforts for this cause will therefore not have been in vain. Perhaps this edition is a posthumous tribute to him.

Martien A. Soeters.