Waarom Fuchsia triphylla cultivars GB

Why Fuchsia triphylla cultivars

The triphyllas form a separate and characteristic group of fuchsias that originated from early breeding with the

Fuchsia triphylla.

 They have a number of advantages over the other fuchsias and are very suitable for a varied garden planting, both combined with other flowering plants and solitary, they are very suitable.

This group is distinguished by a number of characteristics, the particularly beautifully colored leaves with an often intense color and a velvety glow.

The flowers are in clusters at the end of the stems.

The flowers themselves are often barely visible, but the tube is long and narrow with bright colors ranging from bright orange-red to soft pink.

The plants are more resistant to the heat, which can't hurt in our current climate!



The triphyllas do well in large pots and containers, provided they are regularly fertilized and receive sufficient water. As a thank you, they continue to bloom for months, well into autumn.

If they hibernate in a conservatory or heated greenhouse, flowering can continue throughout the winter.

The triphyllas are also more resistant to diseases and pests.

'Lee Anthony'