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Having and keeping Fuchsia triphylla and its offspring

To properly keep Fuchsia triphylla and the cultivars, it is wise to take a good look at the climatic conditions of the distribution area.

The climate on the Dominican Republic side is mainly a tropical rainforest climate with temperatures between 28 and 33 ⁰C,

at night the temperature rarely drops below 20 ⁰C.

In the higher areas in the interior it is slightly cooler.

On the Haiti side, it is a tropical savanna climate with about the same temperatures as in the Dominican Republic.

With this information it will be easier to keep this group of cultivars alive. The plants like a lot of sun and high temperatures, provided they get enough water. That is why they can bloom well in a sunny place in the garden.

In winter they also like a warmer environment, 10 ⁰C is the minimum they can tolerate. That is why it is also best to place the plants in a heated greenhouse, conservatory or a heated room in the house.

If there is also sufficient light, the cultivars will continue to flower well into winter.

If there is no place to overwinter large plants, cuttings are also an option.

Take the cuttings in the autumn and place them in a light place, for example in a window sill.

Keep the cuttings growing all winter.

‘Brian Kimberly’

For large plants that go into winter storage, it is better not to prune them too much and to keep them growing, because it takes several weeks before a flower cluster has developed and blooms.

If you have managed to get this special group of cultivars through the winter, they will reward you with an early and rich flowering.

'Peter Rijkoort'