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Distribution area Fuchsia triphylla

The Fuchsia triphylla is only found in Haiti and the Dominican Republic, the island that used to be called Hispaniola and is located in the Caribbean Sea.

Haïti end the Dominican Republic

In Haiti, the Fuchsia triphylla grows in the southern La Selle massif, on the central part of the Chaine des Matheux mountain range, and sporadically in the northern region on the Motanges Noires and Chaine de Plaisance mountain ranges.

In the Dominican Republic it is found in the south of Sierra de Baoruco, the central part of Sierra de Neiba, which is a protected national park and has suffered heavily from deforestation.

Fuchsia triphylla also occurs in the north of the Central Cordillera, which is actually the largest mountain range in the Dominican Republic.